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What is Sochu: Thinking Series about?

These stories will make you think! You can read them along with your children, and we predict that you and your children will relate to these stories. Bond with your children over some meaningful conversations! In these quirky everyday stories, we have weaved crucial 21st-century skills that are crucial for the next generation!

PS: there is something in there for adults as well!

Look and Feel

These are a mix of picture books and comics with vibrant illustrations, simple language, large print, and high thinking!

Age Group
People often ask us what the suitable age group for Sochu is, and technically, we mention 4-12 years. But then we keep getting messages about how younger kids are super attracted to the bold illustrations in our books, and adults also find light-hearted meaning in these books! So you know what they say - age, no bar! You can decide for yourself.

Sochu: Thinking Series (Set of 12 Books)


    Book Descriptions

    Click here to check out the inside pages, meet the characters, read about WHY we wrote each book and more...

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