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We believe entertainment is food (or medicine) for the soul, and we need to start eating healthy!

In a world where entertainment is consumed every hour of the day, we need to make sure that it is wholesome and nutritious. Whether we like it or not, Entertainment IS the new Education!

Chetan Vohra 


Chetan Vohra

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Creator, Writer, Director, Producer


Vilas Algude

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Writer, Producer

Deven Gandhi - Profile Pic_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Deven Gandhi

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Writer, Producer


Vishwas Parchure

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Experiential Educator, Editor

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Madhavi Nathan

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Experiential Educator, Curriculum Specialist

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Aakash Gupta

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Publishing Advisory

After getting 42% in his 12th Board Exams, architecture was out of the question, as you need a minimum of 50% to study architecture! From here, Chetan began his journey.


At 17, he was fortunate to venture out and pursue Visual Art & Design at the Vancouver Film School in Canada. Later, he came back to study Cinematography at Whistling Woods in Mumbai. Since his days at film school, Chetan has wanted to make content for children. 

"Children are like a sponge - they absorb everything around them to make sense of the world."

Seeing the impact that entertainment has on children’s minds, Chetan set out to create children’s content that is nonviolent, wholesome, mindful, and inclusive. 


If there was just one gift we could give children, it should be the ability to have their OWN thoughts!” - with this in mind, Chetan created Sochu, together with two of his friends - Vilas Algude and Deven Gandhi.

Sochu is a series of children's books and a TV series that celebrates the process of thinking! Through Sochu, Chetan aims to spark the imaginations of children and provide the kind of entertainment that can open them up to newer perspectives, help them deal with varied pressures and be exposed to the many diversities​ in society. Sochu embodies 21st-century skills like collaboration, non-violent communication, creative thinking, problem-solving, gender equality, empathy, kindness, experiential learning and many more… All this without losing out on the entertainment quotient!


"We believe that Sochu is truly Chaplinesque!"

In 2018, Chetan stumbled upon Experiential Education, a teaching philosophy in which educators purposefully engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection. With this new tool of EE, he sourced, curated and created activities at the back of each book that can help children and parents extend the experience of Sochu into their own lives. Chetan continues to weave the many methodologies of EE in everything that he does, even today!


Initially, we released two books of Sochu to test the market. After getting a lot of encouragement and applause, we are now geared to bring 7 sets of Sochu Books, along with a TV Series. an eLearning App, merchandise and more...

Cordiform has been setup as a Private Limited startup company in April 2022. We have brought like minded people onboard to help bring our vision to a larger audience. 

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