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  • Mom to an inquisitive, imaginative 4-year-old!

    Prajakta Gorey


    I had the opportunity to watch one story of Sochu of thinking outside the box, and I found the story telling and imagination extremely innovative but simple in explaining the concept which we would otherwise struggle with to explain to a pre-schooler. I'm looking forward to more stories to share with my daughter and taking her on this adventure!

  • Voice casting and voice director , Actor

    Rajeev Raj


    Interesting. This kind of idea is Very much require in today’s time. Happy to see this and hope that this can be a great success. All the best

  • A proud mother of an inquisitive 7 year old girl.

    Shruti Garg


    As a parent who always gives importance to having the right reading material for her child, I always felt that most of the books have age old stories and not something that the kids of the present can relate to. In my search for good books, when I stumbled upon Sochu, I was happily delighted. I not just enjoyed reading the books myself, the stories also guided me on how to be a better parent.

    My daughter truly enjoyed the superb design of the book and all the characters. The thoughtful stories actually helped her find meaning in why we go to school or why not to worry to much about what she would become when she grow up or the importance of playing outdoors. She also related her real life teachers to the teacher character in Sochu.

  • Shripad D Kulkarni


    I felt very happy to get to join Sochu on Zoom. I liked Sochu very much. There was a lot of comedy. Please inform me when there are other videos of Sochu available.

  • Mommy to a human and a dog, Educator, and an avid reader

    Janhvi A. Nanavati


    After I read a Sochu book "When I Grow Up" to my three year old, she exclaimed, "Mummy, I want to be a bird when I grow up and fly high in the sky." One of the beauties of Sochu books is that they celebrate what makes us human - the ability to wonder and imagine.

    What I like more, however, is the way the books celebrate imperfections. Sochu's humans are so real and relatable - a child throws balls of crumpled paper, another dozes off in class, and yet another loves to read. The eccentricities of the characters are quite endearing too.

    I would recommend Sochu for that child in you whose journey of wonder and imagination is still alive. And if you think it is not alive, pick up one to read and see if it warms you up to think and explore.

  • Filmmaker, Writer

    Kavanjit Singh


    This book is perhaps the one of the most impressive children book I've read. I bought this for my niece and nephew but since I always like reading graphic books, I too read it - thinking it was a children book. But I was so wrong. This book is perhaps the one of the most impressive children book I've read. Mostly, children books are about violence, mindless entertainment but this book was all about imparting good value system to kids. For me, this book isn't just for kids. Everyone can take away something from this book. It inspires kids to raise questions, wonder about new things, and find profound solutions in the end. I will highly recommend this book to everyone. Every parent should themselves read this book first and then pass it to their children. I am now looking forward to more volumes of Sochu!!!

  • Geeta


    Good books and different in thought. My child loved both books part 1 and part2

  • Mannan Mittal


    Very funny book. Worth the price.

  • Amazon Customer


    Best book for children. It provokes you to think. Must buy.

  • Amazon Customer


    A great initiative, Sochu is a brilliant tool to help children get introduced to the joy of reading. I have a ten year old and a five year old, both of whom love books. But even then eight times out of ten they seem to be reaching for Sochu. Apart from the content, the presentation is wonderful given how interactive it is. The fact that it's bright and chirpy also helps. A thumbs up to Sochu and a huge shout out to the team that created it.

  • Sanket


    A must read for kids of all age group (5 yrs to 90 yrs) looking forward for more stories.

  • Aditya Bhandarkar


    Intellectual topics with a high entertainment quotient. A brilliant book for kids and parents alike. Got it for my 7 yr old nephew and he's finished reading both the books in a couple of days time. Can't wait to order the next set!!

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