Why Sochu?

Every animal has a certain trait for survival. Birds have wings, fish have gills, tigers have claws. But what about us? What is our trait for survival?

You're right! It's the ability to THINK!


Join us in celebrating the process of thinking with Sochu and his friends.


For some reason (and we all know what it is!), most children's stories end with a clear message. The message is usually very judgemental and does not take into consideration the vagaries of life! At its simplest, the message usually is - if you do this, that will happen, so don't do this!

But learning does not come from holding a moral high-ground and telling children what to do. Innate in learning is a need to explore, adventure, and discover! That means that the end of anything is definitely unpredictable, and a mystery. While children's literature often creates a sense of mystery, the exploration and discovery is poorly absent.

Sochu's spirit interestingly moves away from the traditional approach. The storyline raises questions at many stages, and I just love the way it finishes - always a question for children to consider, without giving the usual 'just 1 message'; but creating many possibilities to consider - just like LIFE!


Experiential Leadership Institute


Nandita Das

mother, actor, director, writer, speaker and advocate of issues of social justice

Children need entertainment that can open them up to newer perspectives, help them deal with varied pressures and be exposed to the many diversities​ in the society.

Renuka Shahane

mother, writer, director and actor

It would be nice if the comedy (in children’s shows) had some standard, and if violence was reduced considerably.

Priyanka Sehgal

mother, founder of Buzzingbubs.com

Both my son and I loved Sochu. The characters in the book are quite realistic - my son was able to relate to some of his friends while he read along which made it more interesting and fun.

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Sochu is a children's picture book and cartoon through which we aim to celebrate the process of thinking!

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