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Why Sochu?

Every animal has a certain trait for survival. Birds have wings, fish have gills, tigers have claws. But what about us? What is our trait for survival?

You're right! It's the ability to THINK!

Join us in celebrating the process of thinking with Sochu and his friends.

While each book can be read separately, it's the experience of the complete set that will make thinking fun and exciting for our children!


Book Descriptions

Click here to check out the inside pages, meet the characters, read about WHY we wrote each book and more...


For some reason (and we all know what it is!), most children's stories end with a clear message. At its simplest, the message usually is - if you do this, that will happen, so don't do this! But learning does not come from holding a moral high-ground and telling children what to do. Innate in learning is a need to explore, adventure, and discover! While children's literature often creates a sense of mystery, the exploration and discovery piece is poorly absent. Sochu's spirit interestingly moves away from the traditional approach. The storyline raises questions at many stages, and I just love the way it finishes - always a question for children to consider; creating many possibilities - just like LIFE!


Experiential Leadership Institute

Editor | Sochu (also kind of like our Mr Williams)


Janhvi Nanavati

mommy to a human and a dog, educator and an avid reader

One of the beauties of Sochu Books is that they celebrate what makes us human - the ability to wonder and imagine.

What I like more, however, is the way the books celebrate imperfections. Sochu's humans are so real and relatable.

I would recommend Sochu for that child in you whose journey of wonder and imagination is still alive. And if you think it is not alive, pick up Sochu to read and see if it warms you up to think and explore!

Shruti Garg.png

Shruti Garg

a proud mother of an inquisitive 7-year-old

I not just enjoyed reading the books myself, the stories also guided me on how to be a better parent. My daughter truly enjoyed the superb design of the book and all the characters.

The thoughtful stories actually helped her find meaning in why we go to school... or why not to worry too much about what she would become when she grows up... and the importance of playing in the outdoors...

Most of the books have age old stories and not something that kids of today can relate to. When I stumbled upon Sochu, I was happily delighted.

Prajakta Gorey.jpeg

Prajata Gorey

mom to an inquisitive and imaginative 4-year-old

I found the story telling and imagination extremely innovative, yet so simple in explaining a concept!

Concepts that we would otherwise struggle with...

I'm looking forward to more stories to share with my daughter and taking her on this adventure of Sochu!

We believe that entertainment is Food for the Soul!

Children today need the kind of entertainment that can open them up to newer perspectives, help them deal with varied pressures and expose them to the many diversities​ in society.

If you find value in what we are doing, fund us!

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