To ensure that our children are treated to wholesome entertainment, we introduce Sochu, a seven-year-old who solves his problems by thinking.

In a world where children are constantly exposed to entertainment that glorifies violence and mindlessness, comes Sochu, a book series that celebrates the process of thinking.

Through Sochu, we want to bring about a positive change. Sochu encourages non-violence, friendship, love, the thirst for knowledge and a happy, healthy life. All this without compromising on the entertainment quotient.

"Sochu reads and understands great quotes in his own way, bringing out a whole new meaning to them"

The series of Sochu books have characters that each kid can identify with. We have weaved ideologies of great personalities into the story lines of each book, helping us to plant these seeds of subtle wisdom in a fun and entertaining way. Sochu makes interesting comments about these thoughts, intriguing us to look at things differently, thus making it enjoyable for adults as well.

How can Sochu benefit my kids?

Celebrate Thinking: Sochu helps your kids to visualise “thinking” as a simple everyday pleasure.

Bringing Yoga Back: Through the character of Sochu's mother, we talk about the benefits of yoga.

Valuing Relationships: The different characters in Sochu help kids develop a sense of living harmoniously with all kinds of people around us.

Generating Curiosity: Each book also contains several “breadcrumbs”. Breadcrumbs are tidbits that introduce the kids to great personalities of the world - scientists, musicians, entrepreneurs, writers, and many more.

Promoting non violence: Through our books, we reiterate the importance of resolving conflict in the most peaceful way possible, without ever resorting to violence.

For Everyone: Read our books to your kids and spend some quality time with them. There is a little something in this for adults as well. We promise you won't fall asleep!

Give your kids the gift of thinking!

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